CHEMTON Industries is a specialty chemical company established in 2002, and has evolved with a combination of 25 years of specialty chemical knowledge stemming from their clients and their market needs.  CHEMTON's goal and mission are to help the well being of their clients, their clients customers, employees, and their families, by providing a healthy and sanitary environment. CHEMTON's continuous growing lines of specialty chemicals and cleaners are formulated with the end users in mind. 

CHEMTON is committed in enhancing client’s needs, and while growing in size, their approach to ethical business practices have not and will not change.  From multiple volume clients, to nominal size users, CHEMTON takes pride in helping their customers stay competitive in their marketplace. CHEMTON's  team of experts will train staff to properly use, but never over use all CHEMTON chemicals and cleaners.

CHEMTON's Manufacturing is conducted solely in the USA in modern controlled facilities, under stringent quality care and evaluation.  Their Manufacturing, Research & Development Chemists, and Distribution facilities are all located in Northern Illinois, positioning CHEMTON for strategic logistics with a reduced carbon footprint. 

CHEMTON offers workhorse compounds that will perform beyond necessity, and believes in customers forever! 
Take a moment to get to know us and let us know how we can help by calling
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